Have a few minutes? We need your help! – The East Coast Production Group

Have a few minutes? We need your help!

DYK:  We do what we do for two reasons?!?

1) The love of music
2) YOU!

The key to our success is having open conversations about the musical options we consider for presentation.  That is why at this time, we would love to ask for your help completing a fun and completely confidential survey!

The concept is “Artist A” vs. “Artist B” with elaborated response fields including options such as “Both”, “Neither” and “Unfamiliar”.  The  multiple-choice format should take 5-10 minutes to complete (perhaps faster should you use your phone).

There is also a “Special” segment that will have you select from more personal preferences such as venue type and seating, to day of the week and travel methods.

Please consider the options as they best make sense to YOU.  That might mean: “Who would you sooner listen to?” or “Who do you want to see” or “Who is your favorite” or simply “Who you prefer out of the two”.

At the end, there is a spot to add additional comments and feedback.


We Can’t Wait To Hear From YOU!